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The Cocktail Wedding Dress

Cocktail wedding dresses have become wildly popular over the last year.  This is a trend that we believe will just keep growing as it provides brides with another great alternative for outdoor weddings.  When I was planning my wedding (two years ago) cocktail dresses were a rarity.  Now you can find a number of shorter options in just about any bridal shop. Here are some of our favourites that we recently spotted on the blogosphere…

Would you opt for a short wedding dress?

Dresses from: BHLDN, Vera Wang, JLM Couture and Monique Lhullier.

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Sweet Tables: DIY Tips

Sweet tables are all the rage these days.  So much so, that we at Gush now offer a Sweet Station Package to make all of your candy craving, decadent dessert dreams come true on your wedding day.  Now days, sweet stations are much more than just the traditional candy or dessert buffet.  They have transformed into absolute masterpieces that include desserts, bite size treats, snack foods and confections that you can only dream of.  Want a mini pie station, a popcorn buffet, cake pop creation, or macaroon tower?  You can have it.  The options and combinations are endless.


If you want to tackle a sweet station all on your own here are some helpful tips:

1. Pick a colour theme; preferably one that is the same and/or compliments your wedding colours.  As much as you want the sweet table to be a focal point, you want it to somewhat consistent with the rest of your decor.

2. The sweet selection should be personal.  Don’t just throw any old candy or desserts on your sweet station.  Each choice should be something that you or your groom absolutely love.  When making your selections, you may also want to consider the climate.  If you are having an outdoor summer wedding think twice about having chocolate.  It could be a melty disaster.  

3. Make it appealing to the eye.  You can do this by selecting containers that are different heights and shapes.  And you don’t have to use all jars. Be creative – cake stands and platters are great to use.  Prop them up to create extra interest by placing bowls upside and covering them with linen.

4. Have a focal point on the sweet table.  If you plan on having something along the lines of a two tiered cake or a macaroon tower, these items would be perfect to place as the centrepiece on the table.  If you aren’t having an elaborate confection like one of these, consider using a larger jar or vessel for the sweet that will be placed in the middle, as a way to make it stand out.

5. Accessorize.  Every sweet station needs accessories. Take-away bags and containers are a nice option in case guests really want to indulge in your delicious masterpiece but are too full.   A great source for boxes and bags is Creative Bag  Mini chalkboard signs letting guests know what each sweet is, is also a nice touch.  And don’t forget tulle and ribbon go along way.  Purchase a few feet of tulle and place it on the table in and around the vases – gorgeous! Scoops and tongs are also a must – hands are a no no!

Have a sweet day.

 Photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty & Google Images



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DIY Resources

Today on the blog we are going to share with you some of our favourite DIY resources.

We find a lot of our inspiration from wedding related blogs, magazines, books and craft stores. Check them out here:


Green Wedding Shoes:


Snippet and Ink:


Wedding Bells:

Martha Stewart Weddings:


Tori Spelling – CelebraTori

Amy Atlas – Sweet Designs: Bake It Craft It Style It

*Found at Chapters, Coles, &



Creative Bag:

Follow our Facebook page this week as we will be featuring all things DIY.  Happy Crafting!

(Photo’s courtesy of google images).

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Yacht Rock Party

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am going to share with you some amazing pictures from a 30th birthday party for my infamous partner in crime, Danielle.

Danielle wanted to have a small intimate gathering with her nearest and dearest to ring in her 30th year.  She decided on a Yacht themed dinner party on her rooftop patio. From nautical inspired linens to handmade votive candles holders, not a single detail was missed.  Guests dined on a variety of hors douvres, fish and chips and sipped on margaritas while listening to classic 80′s rock and watching the sun set on the Toronto skyline.  Yup, this dinner party was pretty awesome!  And wait until you see the cake….






































Happy Birthday Danielle!

Photo’s courtesy of:  Christine Michaels Photography.

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A Gush-worthy Video Proposal

Happy Monday Readers!

We recently asked you to share your romantic, whimiscal, heart-stopping engagement stories, and we are sad to report the response was extremely underwhelming. I think the men out there need some inspiration. So today we are sharing a video marriage proposal that will blow your socks off. 

Harley Finkelstein proposed to the love of his life, Lindsay, in Florence Italy with an animated personalized video of their love story.  You can read the all of the details and watch the video here:


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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Happy Monday Everyone!

We are incredibly excited this morning as our new ad in Wedding Bells Magazine’s is now officially on stands.  You can find us on page 368 in the Fall/Winter issue.  Pick up your copy today and enjoy all the gush-worthy splendor that this wedding magazine has to offer.




































Click here to see larger version:  Gush_WeddingBellsMagAd6-Final

Have a great day!

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Choosing A Wedding Suit


Today’s blog is tailored, no pun intended, for your groom.  This informative article on how to select a wedding suit is courtesy of Ask Men.  We often forget that weddings are about both the bride and groom, and it isn’t a one woman show.  Be sure to read this article or pass it along to your man, so he knows you truly care about how he looks on your big day.

Choosing Your Wedding Suit: What You Should Know

Purchase – don’t rent

Most men go the rent-a-tux route. And we wouldn’t totally blame you for it either, considering that you probably plan on wearing the darn thing for just a few hours. But this isn’t your high school prom. So you can scrounge for your scrapbook or take our word for it: rented suits never fit properly and always look cheap. Not to mention the fact that someone else (in fact, many someone elses) wore it on their special day. Break the mold and buy.

Quit the corporate culture

You should look like you’re getting married, not giving a PowerPoint presentation. Suiting up in something new rather than a rental or boardroom leftover is a first step, but it’s far from the only thing that will keep you out of the office. Go black, three piece, and shell out somewhat more than you may be used to. We guarantee it’ll pay off.

Say something with the fit

You may be tempted to break out the bells and whistles. This day, after all, is only supposed to come around once. But despite your best instincts, your energy and hard earned money is better spent on tailoring. An inexpensive but impeccably cut suit will look like a million bucks. The same can’t be said for a pricey, ill-fitting one.

Form follows fabric

A tailor’s nip and tuck can only go so far. Without a fine fabric to lay the foundation, it’s tough to construct a winning wedding suit. A slouchy, shapeless blend will leave you looking, well, slouchy and shapeless. A weighty wool, on the other hand, will do just the opposite.

 How To Wear Your Wedding Suit Post-Wedding

Funny thing is, with all the fabrics and fits, picking your suit often takes longer than the time you’ll actually spend wearing it. But, as promised, there are a few things you can do to maximize mileage. Here are some ways to make sure the suit you choose can be worn well after your wedding day is over.

Ditch the vest

Sure, it’s the easiest way to switch up a three piece, and you’ll gain a new weekday work suit in the process. We just recommend reserving it for special days when you need to play boss and bust balls. Pair it with a red, purple or light-blue knit tie from Drake’s London. The knit will lighten up the mood, but it’s really the color that counts. Remember: The suit is already black, and you don’t want to look like you’re going to a wedding again, or worse, a funeral.

Add the vest

While your workweek may be saturated with suits, we’re willing to bet your weekend is of the jeans and tee variety. Throw on the vest with slim-cut, dark denim (like this indigo resin rinse from J Brand), a solid white V-neck from Uniqlo and sleek black sneakers by Lanvin. Just make sure to keep the vest open and the shirt fitted but not skin tight. Otherwise, you’ll come off like you’re trying too hard.

Jerry-rig the jacket

Take the jacket and use it as a blazer. Yeah, yeah, we know you’ve heard this one before. But take note: The jacket should be trim and tailored enough to survive on its own. It’s a rule that will help you find the right fit for your wedding suit and one that lends itself nicely to the tailored cut of Joe’s Brixton blue jeans and a Hugo Boss spread-collar button down long after the big day is over. For those extra special nights out, feel free to slip on that vest with the Tie Bar’s classic black skinny tie and a pair of patent leather lace-ups from Ferragamo.

Fly the trousers solo

Using the trousers with your regular run-of-the-mill button down for business-casual climes is fine by us. But you could really stretch your investment by pairing the pants with a crisp, un-tucked polo (we’re partial to this three-button pima pique from Theory) and some cool kicks like Tods’ iconic driver in red suede.

In the end, all eyes will definitely be on her dress. But there’s no harm in stealing a few glances for yourself on that day and those blissful years beyond. 

To see the full article and some photos check out

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Glitter, Sparkle and Shine

Happy Monday All!

Are you a crafter at heart or simply love all things with a hint of sparkle?  Well, this blog is dedicated to you!  If you are looking for ways to add a little glitter to your big day then here are some sparkling suggestions…

The Wedding Dress






























Bridesmaid Dresses







































































Photos Courtesy of: 

Google Images, 100 Layer Cake, OMG I’m Getting Married, The Sweetest Occasion, One Fab Day and Weddingish.

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Picture Perfect Wedding Photos

















Today it is all about wedding photography and what you can do to ensure your wedding photos turn out picture perfect. If you have hired a professional photographer you are on the right track.  Now all you need to do is follow these simple tips to ensure you get the best possible results.  After all, these are memories that will last a lifetime.   

1. Relax

The best photos are captured when the specimens behind the camera are relaxed and natural.  If that means having a light cocktail prior to your photos to loosen up, do so.  Just make sure you don’t go overboard or you may experience squinty eyes.  Also, make sure to schedule more than enough time for your photos.  The last thing you want to be is rushed, and in turn stressed. The pictures won’t lie!

2. Engagement Photo Shoot

Most photographers offer a complimentary engagement photo shoot with your wedding package.  Even if you do not want engagement photos, this is a great opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer and being behind the camera. 

3. Professional Make-up

It is a given that you want to look your absolute best in your wedding photos. Keep in mind that all of the extra lighting and flashes can put emphasis on your belmishes. The smart thing to do is hire a  professional make-up artist to ensure these imperfections do not show up in your photos. A professional make-up artists usually cost between $75-$150 and they are very much worth it!

4. Shot List

A good photographer will scope out locations for your photos prior to the shoot, but if there are certain poses or pictures you and your groom absolutely must have, be sure to provide your photographer with a small shot list.  This will guarantee you get all of the shots you have your heart set on.  However, keep the list short and sweet as you don’t want your photographer’s creative genius to be repressed.

5. Focus on the Moment

Posed photos are great, but ones that capture true emotions are even better.   In most cases your photographer will give you instructions on what to do, but if you want to ensure those true emotions show through, as the camera is snapping away, reflect on your wedding day and what it means to you. No doubt, will these emotions show up in your pictures.

 6. Be Prepared

If have a Wedding Planner on-site the day of your wedding, they will have an emergency kit on hand to touch up your make-up and hair if necessary throughout the shoot.  If you don’t have someone looking out for you, it is a good idea to create your own emergency kit with make-up, hair spray, bobby pins and so on, so you can tackle anything that comes your way.

Photo by: Young Hearts Photography

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School Themed Engagement Party

A couple of weeks ago we created a school themed engagement party for high school sweet hearts Ben and Erica.  We had a ton of fun planning this event specifically due to the many details which made this theme come to life!

When we decided to go with this particular theme we collaborated with our pal Crystal at Frosted and Fabulous to create a unique invitation along with customized water bottle label’s and candy label’s for the dessert station.  For more of Crystals’ work check out:

We chose to incorporate elements that we felt resembled “school” best which included items such as apples, books, pencils, beakers, flasks, a globe and a chalkboard.  We used the beakers and flasks to hold bright colourful floral arrangements, the chalkboard as the main focus on our dessert table and hung paper airplanes just about everywhere.

We also sourced out Cootie Catchers, which we customized with Ben and Erica trivia from Tenisha Designs along with adorable apple cake pops from Lottie and Lil:

The menu consisted of mini versions of anything you would find in a school cafeteria including hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, PB&J finger sandwiches along with veggies, fruits and dips.  Our dessert station was made up of cookies, apple cupcakes, candies and brown paper goody bags with rice krispy squares, fruit roll-ups and twinkies.   We also served an afternoon snack of cookies and milk!

All in all it was a beautiful day for a very special couple and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

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